Professional Counselor Integrates Deliverance in Practice

Soon after my deliverance and diving into this prayer with my clients, I felt frustrated with the Lord for taking me on this path without equipping me with a better ability to hear from Him. Much like my young children, I can be impatient with my Father and whiney (when I don’t get my way, now!). In truth, He had given me all the tools I needed, and over time, exercising my listening ears, practicing writing in my journal, I began to develop my ability to discern what was there all along. Like anything else in life, listening for His voice required some training and conditioning.

Now, before a client comes to me, I ask the Lord, “What do you want to tell me about this person?” It has been astounding! He tells me very specific things about the person’s past, who primarily wounded them, where they are stuck, etc. What this does is (1) gives me a window into His love and care for the person, and (2) lets me know the direction He wants to head. Also, He tells me how to move forward with the client, whether or not they are ready for deliverance, and how to proceed in caring for the alters if they are not yet ready for the prayer.

I have wondered before the Lord how I would integrate counseling and deliverance. Would I only do deliverance from now on, or was there a place for counseling clients who seek help but are not ready for deliverance? Do I have patience for anything but deliverance? I have found that I may not have patience, but He does!In a recent case, as the session progressed, the wounds and lies that were keeping this alter out front were being expressed. I validated feelings and I exposed lies. I quietly said to the Lord Jesus, “this person needs deliverance, I am going to explain the process to him”. And the Lord said, “Deliverance is always the goal, yes! But not today, not now. This one is not ready for the explanation. Minister to this alter. Encourage him to be cleansed of the lies. Continue to pray that every true alter would see my true nature and be ready for deliverance.” I followed His instructions, and it was good. I do believe the client will eventually get the prayer. That is our (the LJ and I) goal, and we are working on that together!

It truly is a great adventure to walk with our Lord Jesus, isn’t it?
Well, my quiet morning alone has come to a close. I am glad for the chance to share this with you. Thank you for your guidance and direction, for walking with me on this path. Rich blessings and grace on each of you!
K.G., Kenya