Prayer Defeats Fear of Flying and Heights

I’ve been doing well with no emotional fear about flying the last few times but my body still had anxiety symptoms.  Normally this would be TMI but I’ll share it because I think it’s helpful. The manifestations were things like nausea and internal tremors and having to run to the bathroom many times before and during the flight including Diarrhea.

The morning of my flight yesterday I prayed through the emotional healing prayers and God showed me many things to renounce and repent for and replaced the lies with truth. On my flight there was NOTHING of the fear either in my emotions or in my body. I didn’t even have to work at it or fight for it!
This morning I knew we were going to cross the Chesapeake bridge/tunnels. That’s 20 miles of bridge and tunnels – both huge fear triggers in the past – same as flying. Always had to white knuckle it before. Today — NOTHING!!!!!
Amazing tools from and amazing God! God bless you both and Ken and Sylvia for your faithful, obedient heart and lives as you spread so much good news to so many!
Lots of love,

K. Z.