Coaching and Deliverance Prayer Sessions After The Seminar

  • There will be simultaneous prayer sessions scheduled twice a day, starting at 9:00 am and at 2:00 pm.  Of course, out-of-town attendees will receive first priority to be coached, so that they can return home promptly.
  • It will be necessary to schedule the coaching in a location where there are separate, private meeting rooms to hold the simultaneous ministry sessions.  Since attendees are welcome to view any coached deliverance or aftercare session, the rooms should be able to hold several people who may choose to observe.  We never know how long a particular ministry session will last, and therefore, everyone needs to be flexible and to “go with the flow.”
  •  Please have well-lit, private rooms for us — with comfortable chairs, little noise disturbance as possible and — plenty of water and coffee available (!)
  • People should bring food each day that can be eaten between the morning and afternoon sessions during the coaching prayer schedule.  People who live locally that attended the seminar may desire to provide food for the entire group, or you can ask each person to bring a lunch.  Thecoaches will need food provisions made for them that is easy to access and heat up in a microwave, if necessary.
  • Please make sure that each client arranges for one of the attendees to scribe their notes and to remember that others from outside the seminar are not allowed to attend (except for client spouses).  A recording device may be used for recording the Holy Spirit section of the prayer time.
  • If an attendee receiving ministry has been seeing a therapist, it may be possible to invite the therapist to attend the ministry session.
  • Also, counselors or therapists are welcome to attend any “Deliverance Procedures Seminar” that may be planned.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   The more coaching sessions that seminar attendees observe, the more their skills, knowledge and expertise will increase.  This is a VERY rewarding and intensive learning time that is extremely worthwhile to all participants.  The Lord truly blesses everyone, and often, the Holy Spirit will speak a word in many of the various sessions to encourage the overall group that are inspiring!!