Additional Issues

  • Please ensure that people understand how the teaching seminar and follow-on coaching days are scheduled.  Attendees do not always recognize from the brochure that there is a need to organize their schedules, so that they can attend as many of the coaching sessions as possible, once the teaching is completed.  Most people learn best by observation!
  • Please emphasize that the meeting for team development and pre and post-deliverance issues is required and the impartation prayer for attendees will occur after the Practicum prayer session.
  • Depending upon the number of seminar attendees, it may be possible for participants to receive two coaching sessions.  Anyone desiring to be coached twice will also pay an additional fee for their second session.  Coaching fees must be paid before the coaching for deliverance and aftercare begins.
  • It is always helpful to hear short testimonies from a few attendees who have already received deliverance prayer at an appropriate time during the seminar teaching.  This will require some spontaneous planning/coordination.
  • A Q&A session with therapists or cell group leaders apart from the seminar is extremely helpful, because their issues are professionally based.