Specific Guidelines For The Deliverance Procedures Seminar

  • Important:  Several teaching documents will be provided by Freedom Encounters via e-mail at least 10 days prior to the seminar start date.  Those hosting will need to assemble a binder of these documents for each attendee, and each binder should have numbered dividers that correlate with the document number listed in the “Documentation Table of Contents.”
  • A specific schedule will be clearly defined with those hosting the event.  For planning purposes, it is helpful to understand the flow of events as follows:
  • The seminar teaching lasts for approximately 28.5 hours and includes demonstrations of a deliverance prayer session.
  • Then there will be another full day of full participation by the seminar attendees that involves an aftercare ministry session demonstration, followed by a “Practicum” in which someone in the class prays for another person from the class, with coaching by the Thornbergs.
  • There will also be an impartation prayer for attendees who desire to receive it.
  • Then the coaching sessions begin and seminar participants learn how to pray deliverance and minister aftercare.  Ministry sessions are conducted over several days, depending upon the number of people involved in the seminar who have indicated a desire to receive hands-on coaching.  All seminar attendees are encouraged to attend these sessions, in order to apply the teaching gained in the seminar.

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