Seminar Administration Requirements

  • A capable person to handle registration and management of accounting. Collecting funds associated with the seminar cost, any coaching fee and other FE materials require careful administration. If the seminar is recorded, special arrangements must also be planned and coordinated.  Please account for any FE materials sold and collect any coaching fees for Freedom Encounters. This individual can also manage any snacks or other meals administration.
  • If you desire to prepare a seminar brochure, we will work with you to develop one.  We have samples available to help you prepare a brochure that will meet your requirements.
  • A worship-leader, sensitive to the movement of the Spirit and gifted in leading God-centered songs of praise, worship and triumph. The worship is important preparation for hearts to receive from the seminar teaching, but please plan to add the additional time allotted for worship to the total hours needed for teaching.
  • For the teacher – please provide a wireless mic and a comfortable stool to sit on and a large lectern or two music stands to hold teaching materials.
  • We also need a white board, with pens (or a paper flipchart with multi-colored pens).  For the “Victory over Spiritual Conflicts” Seminar, the “Deliverance Procedures Seminar,” and “Freedom for the Severe SRA/MPD,” we need Power Point projection and an overhead projector (please advise as to what is available).
  • For the attendees – comfortable chairs and tables (classroom style) greatly assist the body’s ability to endure lengthy periods of sitting.  For lengthy seminars, tables are a must! Attendees will be required to supply materials for note taking and their meals, unless the host decides to do otherwise and collect from participants to reimburse costs incurred.  Name tags are also required for each participant.
  • A “Sargent at Arms” to be responsible for calling the people back from breaks.  This is also important, so that we don’t loose valuable teaching time.
  • Refreshments for breaks – Coffee, tea, water and cold drinks. Crackers, cheeses, relishes and cut-up fruits are best. Cookies are always welcome (!) Note: please consider placing a “contributions” basket on the table to recover these costs, because they’re not included in the seminar fee and they can add up quickly!
  • Children/pets – Please do not allow in the seminar location, due to distractions.
  • For off-teaching times – we need a comfortable location nearby with Wireless or Internet access, so that we can rest while the other person is teaching.

Recording Seminars:  As God’s Spirit breathes new understanding to advance our knowledge and understanding, the teaching content must be changed.  Therefore, our seminar teaching and course content must be updated whenever needed. MP3 and DVD recordings are available through a third party, so that cost, quality and integrity of current materials can be ensured.  The Sponsor of any seminar is not authorized to record any seminar without prior permission.  If recording is approved, a Master media copy must be provided to Freedom Encounters for future 3rd party duplication purposes.  If necessary, the cost of all media recordings will be adjusted to ensure a fair and equitable value for seminar attendees throughout the world.

NOTE: The “Territorial Components of Satan’s Realm” seminar is never recorded.