Financial Expectations

Sponsoring hosts are expected to provide the following expenses, apart from income collected from offerings, registration or honorarium fees:

  • Airline– ticket charges; airport parking or taxi fare
  • Automobile –  If chauffeuring is not possible, we ask that a car be provided for our commute.
  • Lodging – We appreciate staying in a quiet home environment with a bath and personal privacy.  Late hours and intensive teaching/ministry make un-interrupted rest a valuable gift!  (Please –  no babies or small and very active children that haven’t yet learned their “outside voice.”  :o)
  • Meals – Healthy please:  salads, fruits, vegetables, fowl, fish, lamb; some beef, pork.
  • E-Mail Access – We need Wi-Fi and Internet access to communicate with our teams and others.
  • Copies – We email PDFs of seminar documents a week before the seminar begins to be copied and assembled in binders for attendees.  Occasionally a few handouts may need to be copied after we arrive.

Other Considerations

  •  In addition to the expenses listed above, there is a minimum honorarium fee established for all seminars.  It is certainly our hope that the our prayers and Angels of the Lord will bring a large number of participants to attend the event!
  •  If additional funds are given by the people beyond the suggested honorarium and expenses accrued, we hope that a gift/donation can be given to FE to help finance the ministry.