Financial Expectations

Sponsoring hosts are expected to provide the following expenses, apart from income collected from offerings, registration or honorarium fees:

  • Travel – Airfare ticket cost, or mileage expense at the current IRS amount; airport parking fees, or taxi fare, if cheaper. (We often obtain lower airfares through firms specializing in low-cost” tickets and prefer to make our own airline reservations. Once made, we request an immediate payment for the tickets, so that we can pay for them promptly.)
  • Lodging – A quiet home environment with bath and personal privacy is important. Lodging with a person or family in need of personal counseling is not preferable, unless it is understood that we need our rest and cannot be ministering all night after doing so all day. We also request that no small children be in the home due to late hours and our need for quiet rest after several intensive days of teaching and ministry.
  • Meals – We prefer whole-grain foods, salads, fruits, vegetables, fowl or fish; some beef, pork, or lamb.
  • E-Mail Access – We need to have daily access to communicate with our teams and others.  If Wireless is available, please let us know – it is the best option for us.
  • Copies – Occasionally there may be additional costs for copying pertinent handouts. We e-mail the teaching documents to be included in the teaching binders a few weeks before the seminar begins, so that they can be copied and assembled for attendees.

Other Considerations

  •  In addition to the expenses listed above, there is a minimum honorarium fee established for all seminars.  It is certainly our hope that the Lord will bless everyone by sending a large number of participants to attend the event!
  •  If additional funds are available beyond the suggested honorarium and expenses accrued, we hope that a gift/donation can be given to Freedom Encounters.  This added gift will help finance the ongoing needs of the ministry as we travel and teach in 3rd world nations that cannot afford to finance our expenses and teaching.  If this request poses a hardship for a group or church, please share any concerns you may have with us in advance.