General Information

  • It is essential to gather a strong, experienced group of intercessors to pray for us, as well as the seminar attendees well in advance of our arrival.
  • Coordinators can be surprised at the demands upon our time, because the ministry always generates numerous questions and many unexpected requests for personal ministry.  Please expect that things can become quite hectic at times.
  • Even with the best planning, our schedule can become erratic, so please also consider transportation.  If a vehicle is available for us to use, it will eliminate the need for “chauffeurs.”
  • The Lord also requires us to schedule time for rest, not only for fasting, rest and recreation, but also to maintain balance in our marriage, since we are traveling and ministering together.  We usually schedule two days off for every seven, and we will work with you to ensure the schedule is balanced for everyone involved.
  • Also, due to schedule demands, meals should be planned with some flexibility in mind.  We prefer healthy, natural foods that are low in fat and sugars.  Plenty of raw vegetables, fruits and whole-wheat grains make it easy for us to grab a snack between ministry sessions.
  • It would be very helpful if housing provided could be relatively close to the meeting site (not an hour or more away), since our days are intense and very long.  We need quiet privacy in order to rest, so we ask that there be no small children at the location where we will be staying.
  • If out-of-town attendees are allowed to attend the seminar, please consider asking local people to host them in their homes, and inform the attendees if housing accommodation is available or not.  Out-of-town attendees need to receive general assistance, breakfast and clear, specific directions about the seminar location, etc.
  • We will need legible information pertaining to the activities associated with our ministry trip, such as: name, address, phone number, e-mail address, church and Pastor’s name. etc.  Please also gather this specific information for all individuals who receive the deliverance prayer, seminar attendees, group meetings, individual meetings, etc. so that we have reference information available for any future contact and for deliverance team coordination.