Plan A Seminar


We have traveled to several geographical locations in the USA and internationally to train and equip people who are called by God to pray deliverance and inner healing procedures.  When the Lord gives approval, we will also train mature Christians how to participate as a team to pray territorial intercession safely for their geographical locations.

We have learned from years of experience what NOT to do!!  We have learned that we must invest time to discuss mutual needs and expectations so that we can focus on handling critically important details to assure there is balance and a smooth flow of events.  Once ministry ideas are discussed and decisions made, we will be in a position to offer specific information that will assist those who have responsibility for coordination and planning.

In addition to hosting a specific FE teaching/training  seminar, some other activities can be included in planning our ministry  visits.  For example, individual coaching, prayer sessions, education for leaders and staff, prayer for the Church,  building and properties, and preaching are some of the activities that can be considered.

We want to ensure our mutual success will be achieved while enjoying some fun along the way!