Pastor Confirms Ease of Deliverance Session

The process was very respectful and gentle, yet powerful. And there were many things that were encouraging that were revealed through the process. Some of these things confirmed things I already knew and others were things that were new that I had not heard before (things in the storeroom), and about the call of God. I would definitely highly recommend it for anybody and everybody. I see it as something that I am going to be implementing when I go back to Minnesota. We are now using much of the deliverance prayer that we learned at the deliverance seminar. Again I highly recommend it. In some ways, of course, it is a process and a step of faith, but God is in me in the process. When I finished, the presence of God was overwhelming and when I became so aware of what He had done, it just melted me and caused me to realize just how awesome the Lord Jesus is and that He still has power and authority in that realm manifested in my life and my body and I will never be the same. Hallelujah.

M.R., Minnesota, T127