“Mysterious Disease” Miraculously Overcome

When he saw his own doctor, he sent Nick back to the hospital to be admitted for an emergency MRI, because all of Nick’s symptoms pointed to brain cancer. He was put through an hour of MRI testing, and the results showed no tumors or cancer in his brain. All was clear. The next day they did 3 spinal taps, desperately trying to find out what the problem was, and the tests came up empty. They concluded that he had some kind of mystery disease. At this point, he couldn’t walk most of the time and couldn’t drive. When he could speak, it was with very halted slow speech. He also shook as if he had Parkinson’s, often experienced periods of being paralyzed, and suffered constant headaches and back pain.

He has been unable to work since July 19th. When he came for his deliverance prayer appointment today, he was walking with a cane, had constant tremors, and took a very long time to get his words out. He warned us that it may take him a while to answer questions and asked us to be patient with him. However, during the ministry, all tremors disappeared, and there was no problem with speech whatsoever. The demon confessed it was all 100% demonically caused! They were trying to kill him or drive him to kill himself.

This young man is a very gifted worship leader and musician. When the demons were told to depart and Nick came back, he was a NEW man! His eyes were clear and bright! There were no more tremors, all pain was gone, and his speech was clear and easy again. Nick walked out today with the cane under his arm, standing straight and strong, with a huge smile on his face. FREE!!!

He and his young wife were elated and praising Jesus! He called Jamie (Nick’s youth leader who is ministering in Pennsylvania right now) and told him he hasn’t felt this great in months. He told Jamie that he had just jumped off someone’s deck! 🙂 He has had many many people praying for him — and quite a few of them were skeptics of the role the spiritual world played in his “sickness”.
Nick’s wife Deirdre, just posted this as her status on Facebook: “It’s amazing to have a Father who gives us Freedom ♥ My husband Nick White is 100% healed from all physical & spiritual problems!” What an honor and joy it is to co-labor with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Thank you Ken & Sylvia and Thank you Jesus!!!