Missionary to Africa Testifies of Freedom to Many

One of those missionaries has four adult children who are also missionaries (and were also delivered that day!). Two more missionaries are going thru the VOSC right now and preparing for their prayer in August. And when I say missionaries, I mean people who are willing to go to the most isolated and/or oppressed areas.

I am astounded at how the enemy has worked overtime to take these people (who clearly have a unique and specific Kingdom work and call) down. I know I should not be surprised. Still, I am sad at how little the church has done or has been able to do to equip its workers.Simultaneously, I am grateful for what I can give people because of your ministry! I GET to see people set free! I GET to give people hope! I have so much more now than what modern psychology can offer! Glory to God!

Last week, I found myself getting out the Matthew passage about the seeds/sower during a session. 10 minutes passed and I realized I had just given an off-the-cuff sermon-ette to this couples’ alters. I had been sort of “preaching”, and their ears were tuned in completely to what I had to say. It was fun to watch, and fun to hear the HS speak through me.
The deliverances this week were, of course, a success. The one of the man, a well-known Christian missionary/leader who had lived a double life of sexual sin, was actually very difficult. I almost tried to call. But I knew it was the middle of the night for him. I actually stopped everything and just sat and listened. Even after all the preparation, he was not saying anything. Nothing. Turns out, the demon was even speaking “prayers” to the man’s mind, “Help me to stay back with the Lord Jesus.” So the man was not sharing those thoughts, deciding that they were “him” not the demon. Still, it was a sweet deliverance. And this man’s children and grandchildren have inherited the missions call, so it was a powerful deliverance for missions and for the Kingdom!
I just had this update burning in my heart. You are the only ones I can share these joys and trials with. Rich blessings on you!
Grace and peace,