Meet The Thornbergs


Freedom Encounters founder Ken ThornbergKen Thornberg

Ken’s relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ officially began at 15, when he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into his heart during an evangelistic meeting in Longmont, Colorado (USA).

He graduated from Seattle Pacific College in 1971 with a BA degree in Economics and Business Administration and began his post-college career in accounting and credit management in Seattle.  Ken’s pursued an active interest in politics for many years and worked for a political party in Spokane, WA. Then he moved to Boise, ID and spent 15 years serving as Executive Director of the Better Business Bureau. During that time, he received several achievement awards and led the organization from a point of bankruptcy to the status of Better Business Bureau of the Year.

As a child, Ken was exposed to several religious denominations, which has helped to prepare him for full-time ministry.  At the age of 21, he began to pray safe and controlled freedom and healing prayer for those who suffer from oppression caused by the presence of demonic forces in their lives.  Finally, the Lord called him to full-time ministry in 1991, and he has been given keys to bring freedom to those who have been tormented by severe and traumatic abuse.

Ken desires to live a life totally surrendered and consecrated to Christ Jesus (Gal. 2:20).  His heart is full of compassion for troubled people, who have been ignored and rejected by those who do not understand the cause of their suffering. He also cares deeply for America and is concerned about the nation’s slide into secular humanism, socialism and moral depravity.  He longs to see an ethical and dynamic business community that honors the Lord in all aspects of a free market system.


Ken's wife Sylvia ThornbergSylvia Thornberg

Sylvia was brought to Christ as a child and was confirmed in the Lutheran Church at the age of 12; however, she did not come to know the Lord Jesus Christ personally at that time.

Several hurtful events negatively impacted the close relationship with her father, and in pain, she turned away from faith in God. She graduated from San Diego State College in 1972 with a focus on elementary teaching but decided not to pursue a teaching career. Instead, she gained recognition, achievement and success by developing expertise in business management and computer sales. Considered to be “highly successful” by the world’s standards, she did not find the peace and contentment she had longed for by accumulating wealth and award recognition.

In 1988 Sylvia surrendered her life totally to the Lord Jesus Christ. She spent many years studying the Word of God and gradually began ministering to His people with the gifts of prophetic teaching, healing, intercession, and giving financially to support ministers of the Gospel. By divine appointment, she met Ken in 1994, and the Spirit of the Lord indicated that their union would serve to multiply each of their gifts in a united ministry that would reach many nations.

After they married in 1995, Sylvia resigned her business position at year’s end  to join Ken in full-time ministry.  Together they travel wherever the Lord directs, serving shoulder-to-shoulder in powerful team ministry.  Throughout the years they have established teams to pray freedom and healing for those captive and oppressed by demonic forces.  Sylvia’s life is now dedicated to knowing and reflecting the Father’s heart of love.  Her own heart’s desire is to walk by faith and obedience to Him, and to speak forth the messages given to her by the Holy Spirit with anointed clarity and spiritual authority.