Lies Exposed to Reveal God’s Truth!

It was difficult for me, because the enemy did not want me to go through it…..they kept feeding me lies right up to the moment I was sitting on Carol’s couch….

For those who have not gone through the ministry themselves I would like to say something……
You are not responsible for what is being told to you during the prayer time…..the words just come out……you do NOT put your own thoughts in the conversation….It is really kind of cool how you can hear what is going on, you are not upset by what is being said….you are just hearing….yes, like a court room, a spectator!
For the most part ,what I would like you all to hear is I lived a lie!  I believed so many things that I thought were real….only to learn that these lies were to keep me from the truth…the person who God created me to be….and these lies made me weak and fearful.  Learning the truth about who I really am now allows me to move without hesitation, knowing that the lies are no longer part of my being.  I am free from the many misconceptions, lies and the little voices that continually told me how undeserving I was.  I am now beginning to see me as God sees me…and it is an awesome place to be!
The enemy did its very best to keep me from learning the truth…..made me doubt, made me sick, kept me on a confusion cycle, and told me hearing what was going to go on would be worst than what I believed about myself.. (my image of myself, of who I believed I was…..was not true….it was really worse).  This is the reversal…..Yes, what I believed about myself was a lie……because who I am is even better (not worse)…..I now know that I will move in Gods Kingdom in a mighty way and it wasn’t just wishful thinking on my part….it was revelation given to me by God.…but because of lies I believed, I thought it was only an imagination of things that will never be.
I want to encourage you……When the enemy is exposed……you become alive in the truth……the hold is broken…..and you now have the freedom Jesus died for….we are all mighty in Our Lord….and the enemy knows it….don’t allow him to hinder you with his lies.
Blessings of truth, wisdom and peace