Goodbye Depression!

Just like when I wasn’t a real Christian I wasn’t good enough. Fear controlled me. I’d been in a depression since I was a small child and was becoming suicidal. As a middle-aged adult I was suicidal and was admitted to the hospital. Eventually being released I began to see a counselor and take medication. I had left the church by now, feeling that I wasn’t any better off being a Christian than I was being a non-Christian.

Through a friend, I met a pastor that introduced me to the deliverance concept. He explained to me about generational demons and how they can interfere with my relationship with God. I decided to go through the deliverance process just to see if it really would help me. I came away with my depression gone! I no longer need medication and I have cut my visits to the therapist by 50%. She also saw a difference in me and said that I didn’t need to come as often. I had been seeing her weekly for the last eight years. On a daily basis when negative thoughts and feelings come upon me I am able to deal with them immediately and move on. They don’t distract me or control me like they have in the past.

C.M., T153