God Intervened and My Deception is Gone

I believe the Lord led me to this point in my walk. I gave up trying to put my understanding of God in a box, safe and sound, and started to realize the vastness of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. I went through a deliverance on June 1, 2002 and I am still in awe at what I experienced and learned. I have come to realize that demons do not automatically come out of a person at the moment of conversion and each and every Christian needs this. I believe fully in the gifts given to each believer and I have learned mine through this experience. I have never felt closer to the Lord and so many problems were taken care of. I continue to thank God. I was led to this ministry and the people involved. I could go on and on, but time does not permit, this is from a man who until 6 months ago thought he had the truth, an ultra-conservative legalist and sincerely wrong!!! I have 100% switched gears from where I used to be and thanking God for it.”

W. J., New Brunswick, Canada T 139