Free at Last, Healed, Pain Free!

The first container was my former life, in the center was brokenness all around my brokenness was: anger, hate, bitterness, rage, impure thoughts, shame, guilt, people pleasing, manipulation, inferiority, gluttony, and gossip.

I turned the page in my journal and drew a new container; one that contained the deepest desire of my heart. In the center was wholeness and all around that was patience, peace, gentleness, love, continuous prayer, holiness, and confidence in who I am as a child of God. I am overjoyed to say that God has filled my heart with all the things that I had desired for so many years, by answering my prayers and emptying the first container (through the getting rid of the demons) and filling me with the things from the new container (through the Holy Spirit section).
The first step to my Freedom Encounter came over a year before the actual deliverance and healing. I cried out desperately to God for help. I knew that I didn’t have the strength to pull myself up. Second, a week before my prayer session the Lord gave me a picture of healing in the form of cloudy vision becoming clear. I realized truth was so hard to discern before my deliverance because my vision was clouded with my brokenness. Third, God answered my prayers on the day of my deliverance by providing freedom and healing .
During my deliverance I was amazed that I saw God’s light without any boundaries, I was awe struck as I looked around and saw no end to his light. After my deliverance the fire of my first love was rekindled. I can’t wait to spend time with Him and my heart overflows with love for him. The Lord taught me that no matter how I feel or what I do, His love for me is at all times as a flame of fire….wow, praise the Lord!
I was hoping for spiritual and emotional healing during my deliverance but did not even think that the Lord may have physical and mental healing for me that day as well. As I left I immediately felt that my depression had lifted. Even though I had been on an anti depressant, I had been having suicidal thoughts often. My husband was the only one that knew of my depression because I was to embarrassed to let anyone else know. I knew as I left my deliverance that the Lord had healed my heart and the darkness of depression had lifted. I have not taken any anti-depressant medicine since my freedom encounter. My shoulder, which had dislocated daily because of an accident and was in need of surgery, has not dislocated since my healing and I am trusting the Lord that surgery will not be needed. I have struggled with intense physical pain and fatigue for 3 years before my encounter.
As I left the freedom encounter, I realized I had no pain and I was so thankful. I have mild pain occasionally but nothing like I experienced before. I could go on and on about what the Lord has shown me, I feel so blessed that the Lord led this healing in my life.  The Lord has given me a heavenly perspective and intense compassion for people again. I pray that I can grow in my new found freedom and never stop praising Him for what he has done.