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10 Uniquenesses of FE

While traveling and ministering within five continents of the globe, we have discovered that an unfortunate situation exists within each of the nations where we have ministered.  We have consistently learned that well-intended people in the Church are ill-equipped to deal with such complex bondages as Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) that involve altered states of being (“Alters”).

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The common practices of secular Psychology (even when “Christianized”) continues to plod along, most often using counseling methods that do not employ the power of God to effect lasting change that demonstrates freedom and healing.

The sad result is that the SRA and MPD/DID client remains painfully isolated, depressed, hopeless, terrorized and often, suicidal. Unless victims receive all-encompassing ministry of deliverance, healing and integration by the power of God, they remain in a situation of continuing despair and ongoing abuse.

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Aftercare, a Vital Component

The Holy Spirit has given us powerful freedom and healing prayer tools that demonstrate lasting, positive change in the lives of countless people – whether they have been afflicted by simple or very complex demonic programming.  The positive results extend beyond traditional boundaries of denominational churches to include Christian counselors, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists.

This prayer approach is much like the analogy of “surgery.” Surgery requires that the physician must follow proven procedures that yield a consistent, successful result every time.  It also involves the need for immediate aftercare that includes vital “recovery and rehabilitation.” This is very true for deeply abused and wounded people.

Too many abused people have spent thousands of dollars over many years, and have endured numerous counseling sessions, only to experience minimal positive change occurring in their lives.  Most clients require loving counseling support, inner healing and Christian discipleship to assist them after the deliverance prayer has been completed.

FE Approach is Unique and Thorough

Complete deliverance healingWe have learned by direct experience, that these victims must receive complete deliverance, healing and wholeness:

  1. Every harassing and controlling demonic spirit must be cast out.
  2. All demonic programming must be fully incapacitated and removed.
  3. All demonic devices that hold them captive must be destroyed.
  4. Every shattered part of their person — Alters — must also be fully cleansed, healed and integrated by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The power of this approach is centered upon the continuous and expanding revelation of the Holy Spirit.  In His loving wisdom, we have learned to pray freedom for severely abused victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse (“jewels in His crown”). Freedom Encounters teams spend hours — not weeks, months and years — ministering to very troubled/wounded people with consistent success (even for those with advanced demonic programming).

Photo of Ken praying with a clientWe are so blessed to have a quiet, controlled, quick and complete method of setting people free from demonic control and domination. Thank God that there is an exciting, new hope, supplied by His revelation and power.  The new hope is based upon a Biblical foundation of authoritative, cutting-edge deliverance prayer that is achieved through the power of the blood, cross and victorious resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The eternal deliverance occurred at the cross of Calvary over 2,000 years ago, and Christians must rise up by faith to enforce His victory in our lives!

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