Desire Ministry?

Preparation is Critical

We have discovered by many years of experience that people who have been adequately prepared and educated from the Word of God regarding receiving freedom and healing ministry are far more successful in walking out their freedom in the future.

Few people have developed any concrete ideas of the enemy’s schemes and involvement to destroy their lives in every way possible.

For this reason we respectfully require people who desire to receive FE ministry to fulfill the following important preparatory steps:

Step 1)

Read and listen to orientation topics below:

What is Deliverance?

If asked most Christians will respond to this question by saying that it means to “cast out” demonic spirits.  However, our experience has shown us that it involves far more than removing demons from the scene! In the short teaching below Sylvia explains deliverance and shows its merit and importance based on Scripture. After listening to this teaching we think you will find that the definition is rich and worthy of a more careful and thorough review.

Why Christians Need Deliverance

Depending upon your beliefs and upbringing, you might be amazed and even offended to consider the idea that a born-again believer in Christ may need deliverance. Many tormented people have already accepted the idea in order for powerful breakthrough to be experienced in their lives. Others would never agree or even consider it, due to tradition.

As we travel and minister throughout the nations of the world, we find consistently that most Christians simply have not been taught from the Bible about the kingdom of darkness, deliverance, or even healing, for that matter. In fact, most people will admit that their beliefs have been developed and established by what others have said in passing. When they hear what we have to say, they become surprised and startled to learn how the demonic realm has kept them captive with brilliantly subtle maneuvering! Therefore, please consider listening to the audio teaching below as Sylvia answers this question by establishing a Biblical foundation and discusses how the demonic realm exercises “rights” that keep believers from living the joyous Christian life.

Step 2)

Read: Deliverance Preparation Overview

The purpose of this document is to answer many of the questions you may have and to establish expectations, should you decide to request ministry from FE.

Step 3)

Read: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This password-protected document helps provide an understanding of what the Bible says about freedom, healing and spiritual warfare. Please CLICK HERE to request the FAQs password now.

Step 4)

Complete: “Victory Over Spiritual Conflict” (VOSC) Seminar

You can do this by subscribing to the online seminar or by purchasing the teaching media.

Step 5)

FE Team Contact

Once you have completed the4 steps above, please review the password-protected “FE Team Contact List.”  The FE Team Contact List provides a partial listing of information for teammates who are willing to be contacted directly by those who are interested in receiving this prayer ministry. Please CLICK HERE to request the FE Team Contacts password now. If you do not find someone within your region, please contact us and we will try to find someone nearby who can help you.