Deliverance Was Life-Changing For Woman

Jesus has shown me this world is temporary, I no longer have fear of death or fear of dying, I am excited to be alive because I know it is the life God has given me for a purpose! Before Deliverance, I would be filled with fear when people spoke of Heaven. I’ve been terrified of Heaven and death since I was a little girl and I couldn’t seem to get over it. Since Deliverance, that fear is gone. I don’t fear life, and I don’t fear death. I know who I am in Christ, I know His truth and I know Satan’s lies and I’m not under the power of Satan’s fear. Another thing is Jesus has opened my eyes to more things spiritual. I sense when something brings honor to, celebrates or delights demons. Before, this would paralyze me, now I’m not afraid to pray with confidence that Jesus will protect me and can help another person who is being controlled by their HD.K.L.,

There are so many wonderful things Jesus has done! These are just a few. I would love to see you again and catch up more! Also, my husband would like to do Deliverance as well. It was amazing to share what Beka scribed and tell him what God did! At first, I was nervous to tell Craig, thinking maybe he would think I was crazy, but then Jesus said, “Do you believe what I have just done??” Which, of course YES I do! So He said, “Then you have nothing to fear.” So, I told Craig and he completely melted at what Jesus had done and said, “When can I do this?!” Praise God!!!!! It is so amazing!

E.C. from Oregon