Deliverance Procedures Seminar Orientation

The “Deliverance Procedures” Seminar has been developed to invest in the people that God has called to learn how to set His people free and to heal their hearts by His gifting and anointing.  It contains several important sections to train and equip FE team members to minister with skill and His heart of love for the people.  The extensive content requires considerable commitment and investment by people qualified to attend.

For preliminary planning, it is helpful to consider a few important issues and the seminar flow of events 

  • A specific schedule of seminar events will be jointly defined with those hosting the seminar.
  • The seminar teaching lasts for approximately 28 hours and includes a demonstration of a deliverance prayer.  A volunteer, who desires to receive personal deliverance, will be selected from the attendees.
  • Once the teaching sections of the seminar have been completed, another full day is scheduled to: 1) demonstrate an “AfterCare Ministry” session, followed by 2) a “Practicum,” in which a class volunteer prays for another person from the class, while by the Thornbergs coach.
  • At the end of the Practicum session, there will also be a prayer of impartation for attendees who desire to receive it.

Coaching sessions will begin after attendees enjoy a full day of well-deserved rest.

  • During the coaching sessions everyone can develop practical skills as seminar participants observe how to pray Deliverance and to minister AfterCare by watching attendees pray for each other.
  • The coaching sessions will be scheduled to occur over a period of several days, depending upon the number of people involved in the seminar who indicated a desire to receive personal coaching.
  • All seminar attendees should plan to attend as many sessions as possible to gain experiential knowledge and to apply the teaching received in the seminar.

Important:  Several seminar teaching documents will be provided by Freedom Encounters via e-mail at least 10 days prior to the seminar start date.  Those hosting are expected to copy and assemble a binder containing the documents for each attendee.  To avoid confusion, each binder should have numbered dividers that correlate with the document number listed in the “Documentation Table of Contents.”

Expenses:  The following additional expenses should be reimbursed:

  • Airline– ticket charges; airport parking or taxi fare
  • Automobile –  If chauffeuring is not possible, we ask that a car be available for our commute.
  • Lodging – We appreciate staying in a quiet home environment with a bath and personal privacy.  Late hours and intensive teaching/ministry make un-interrupted rest a valuable gift!  (Please –  no babies or active children that haven’t yet learned their “outside voice.”  :o)
  • Meals – Healthy please:  salads, fruits, vegetables, fowl, fish, lamb; some beef or pork.
  • E-Mail Access – We need Wi-Fi and Internet access to communicate with our teams and others.
  • Copies – We email PDFs of seminar documents a week before the seminar begins to be copied and assembled in binders for attendees.  Occasionally a few handouts may need to be copied after we arrive.

Seminar Honorarium:   In addition to the expenses listed above, there is a minimum honorarium fee established for all FE seminars that will finalized during the initial planning phase.

CLICK HERE to read the full description of our Deliverance Procedures Seminar.