Frequently Asked Questions

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As you consider these questions – those we receive most often – please pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal His truth to you.

Frequently Asked QuestionsIn the fear of God, we dread nothing more than the potential for deception. In the realm of evil supernaturalism, deception is very prevalent. I’ve been guilty of it in my lifetime and I’ve had to repent and change my entire frame of mind, beliefs, and perspectives – at times a humbling experience. I also ask you to judge your own paradigm and these answers by four simple questions I ask regarding any ministry or set of beliefs:

  • Is it anti-biblical?
    Does it contradict the Word of God or violate biblical principles? Since everything is not written between the covers of this precious Book, we must be open to a rhema word in these Last Moments.
  • Does the Lord Jesus Christ receive the glory, or does man?
  • Is there fruit which remains from the work?
  • Does it treat people compassionately and with love?

Author and World Prayer Center Director Peter Wagner adds a few more to this list which I believe bear repeating:

  • Does it conform to the known Will of God?
  • Does it bless those touched by the event (deliverance)?
  • Does it measurably advance the kingdom of God on earth?
  • Is it affirmed by at least 2-3 credible witnesses? And, does the conclusion merit agreement by responsible and like-minded colleagues?

FAQS at a glance:

  • How can a Christian have a demon?
  • Does one have the right to speak to demons?
  • Why speak to them anyway?
  • Why talk to demons? Why not just cast them out ASAP?
  • Isn’t this considered divination or mediumship in the Bible?
  • What is an “Alter?”
  • Would God use His arch enemy – the devil and his demons – to help us grow in our faith?
  • What’s this talk about Territorial Spirits and doing battle with them?

Of course, most of you reading would not know the growth and acceptance of the deliverance and aftercare that we teach and train others; however, we can assure you that the fruit declares that the Kingdom of God is advanced. After you have requested the password from Freedom Encounters, please CLICK HERE to download the FAQs and answers.

CLICK HERE to download the FAQs and answers after you’ve requested the password from Freedom Encounters.