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Ministry Center: Boise, ID USA
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1663 East Castlerock Court
Boise, Idaho 83712 USA

Office Hours: Appointment Only

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VOSC Manuals are $10 apiece (includes shipping)
Prayer is one of our most powerful weapons against the enemy. We have developed and curated some really effective prayer tools to help you gain victory in your daily life.

Check out the resources below to get started:

  1. Watch the videos on the following page for more information: Prayer Help Now
  2. Click on the following link for additional resources: Powerful Prayer Tools

We invite you to explore our website fully to discover other items of interest. If you would like help with anything else, please choose a different dropdown option from the first question on this form and submit the requested information.

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Please click on the following link to read the prerequisite steps that must be completed before a ministry appointment can be scheduled: Deliverance Preparation Overview.
If you have not already done so, please read the Team Qualifications Guidelines (PDF).
Have you received deliverance and aftercare ministry appointments with an FE team member?
Have you already completed the After-Care Seminar and Personal Coaching of two deliverance and after-care sessions?

VOSC Support Questions

Have you already read through all of the content on the VOSC Seminar Troubleshooting Guide?
Almost every issue you may have with being unable to access the Victory Over Spiritual Conflict (VOSC) seminar can be resolved by following the steps in our VOSC Seminar Troubleshooting Guide. If you have not already done so, please go through that material and try to resolve this using those suggestions.
Please read through each of the troubleshooting steps below and check the boxes to confirm that you have done everything you can to resolve this on your own and still need help:
I have purchased a subscription to stream the VOSC Seminar online.
I got an email receipt confirming the successful purchase of the VOSC Seminar AND clicked the link in that email to begin watching it online.

After purchasing the VOSC Seminar online you will see an on-screen confirmation that your website registration and e-commerce transaction were completed successfully. Our website will ALSO email you a receipt confirming your purchase and website registration. That email will contain a link to the VOSC Seminar content. When clicked, that link automatically logs you into the website and allows you to begin consuming the content.

If for some reason the receipt email did not land in your Inbox, please complete the following, additional troubleshooting steps next:

  1. Check your Spam/Junk folder for the VOSC receipt email
  2. Add our email address to the "Whitelist" or "Safe Senders List" of your email program
  3. Click on the link in that email to view the VOSC Seminar.
  4. If you still cannot find the VOSC receipt email AND you know you successfully purchased the seminar, CLICK HERE to log into the website manually then CLICK HERE to view the VOSC Seminar content.
I have run a line speed test to confirm that my Internet Service Provider is delivering a strong, high-speed/broadband signal to my location.
I have tested other websites and/or video streaming services (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney+, etc.) to confirm they are working properly.
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