MPD/DID & SRA Testimonials

  • Elderly Mother Gains Freedom

    Finally, all three went into the light of Jesus and said they did not see any others. My mother was very difficult throughout the session…it was so hard to tell who was giving us such a hard time (her, the demons, or the alters). I can now understand why she was in so much denial […]

  • Family Re-United After Freedom

    He has taken me from strength to strength and His love is just amazing! At the moment I am preparing to return to Western Australia. The Lord, once again, is working all things out for me to return. I believe I’m strong enough to leave here, to face all that will have to be faced […]

  • Parents Testify of SRA Daughter’s Freedom

    There are still some rough edges, like we all have, but it is a real blessing to see her in action. We can never thank you enough for the way you accepted God’s direction and how God used you to help her. We fully agree with you that before one can walk one has to […]

  • Pastor Released from SRA Captivity by Power of Holy Spirit

    In my life I experienced sexual, emotional, spiritual, and mental abuse. I was a product of two drug addicted, abusive alcoholics. My father spent the nine months of my mother being pregnant with me beating her and trying to kill me. This was just the beginning of a life that was destructive and hate filled. […]

  • SRA Gives First Impressions of Freedom

    SRA Gives First Impressions of Freedom I woke up around 3:30am and my house was so quiet!! I have never, ever heard my house so quiet! It was like no one was home! My husband and son were both sleeping quietly. There was no thrashing about, no snoring or heavy breathing. Nothing. Nothing but quiet! […]

  • Free and NOT Bi-Polar!

    My sisters and I never knew in what mood they’ll be coming home, and my Mom many times didn’t even show up. She went missing for weeks and her behavior was totally out of control most of the time.  By age 8 I was adopted by 2 great parents, but before being adopted I spent […]

  • SRA Walking in True Victory

    I was a breeder, Bride of Satan, and you name it, and I was forced to do it.  I lived in a cage the first 5 years of my life in a basement, and the only time I was allowed out was for prostitution or pornography or some other kind of torture.  But King Jesus […]

  • Testimony of a Deaf Alter

    With permission from our client we are pleased to share part of her testimony with you. A woman from Oregon who was a severe SRA victim come to us for ministry. We prayed with her and she went home praising the Lord with wonderful results. A few weeks later she had something happen that really […]

  • Freedom for an Entire Family!

    We stopped to facilitate a ministry session in Mo on our way to Florida to a family with two grown sons with schizophrenia.  I shared about the healing involving the one son in that area with you before.  7 of their 11 children were also severe victims of Satanic Ritual abuse. (3 children were their […]