Deliverance Testimonials

  • Prayer Defeats Fear of Flying and Heights

    I’ve been doing well with no emotional fear about flying the last few times but my body still had anxiety symptoms.  Normally this would be TMI but I’ll share it because I think it’s helpful. The manifestations were things like nausea and internal tremors and having to run to the bathroom many times before and […]

  • Mother & Daughter Set Free in Costa Rica

    I had my D-day in July as well.  I am now a Shalom woman!  For many years I was in captivity, my deliverance prayer and after care released me to walk on the Lord’s Word and rest in Him.  He gives me the riches of His Kingdom in a land of promises.  Lies replaced with […]

  • Free at Last, Healed, Pain Free!

    The first container was my former life, in the center was brokenness all around my brokenness was: anger, hate, bitterness, rage, impure thoughts, shame, guilt, people pleasing, manipulation, inferiority, gluttony, and gossip. I turned the page in my journal and drew a new container; one that contained the deepest desire of my heart. In the […]

  • Victory from King Jesus Christ

    Other people told me to go talk about it with one of the King’s counselors. Some said to take medication. Some told me to pray more and read my Bible more. Some told me it was all a part of “renewing my mind,” and that I just needed to keep going. After many years, the […]