Deliverance Testimonials

  • Deliverance Was Life-Changing For Woman

    Jesus has shown me this world is temporary, I no longer have fear of death or fear of dying, I am excited to be alive because I know it is the life God has given me for a purpose! Before Deliverance, I would be filled with fear when people spoke of Heaven. I’ve been terrified […]

  • Couple Remarried after Deliverance

    She was so dramatically healed that she then brought their three daughters for freedom. Then, her husband went to Ohio with his pastor to receive deliverance prayer and aftercare from Dr. David.  Her husband was set free from porn addiction that had provoked their marriage separation. Today I received this notice pasted on my Facebook: […]

  • Contractor Set Free from Panic

    Although I’ve always had mild hemorrhoids, during the Christmas they flared up to a point where the pain was indescribable. Time to see a doctor and find out what’s going on. It was decided that I needed to talk to a surgeon right after the holidays and so I did with the verdict being surgery […]

  • Joy of a Child Released Again

    In its place are a confidence and acceptance of myself that I have never known before. To hear how the enemy has deceived me for so long, and to hear the truth revealed and declared about myself in Christ is beyond words. God has revealed and confirmed His call and purpose for both our lives.We […]

  • Couple Spreads the Good News of Freedom

    We were out for most of the day and sailed to Morris Cove near lighthouse and then had dinner with our friends. It was the first time in months that we had such a wonderful day on the water. We were like 2 kids! I feel so alive and happy! Today I was practically giddy […]

  • Lies Exposed to Reveal God’s Truth!

    It was difficult for me, because the enemy did not want me to go through it…..they kept feeding me lies right up to the moment I was sitting on Carol’s couch…. For those who have not gone through the ministry themselves I would like to say something…… You are not responsible for what is being […]

  • Anger Transformed by Truth

    It was a 3-4 hour session with no manifestation by the enemy at all. She also received vital understanding of why things happened the way they did and clarity regarding the gifts and call of God on her life.  She  has such a remarkable gift of discerning of spirits and is called to be an […]

  • “Mysterious Disease” Miraculously Overcome

    When he saw his own doctor, he sent Nick back to the hospital to be admitted for an emergency MRI, because all of Nick’s symptoms pointed to brain cancer. He was put through an hour of MRI testing, and the results showed no tumors or cancer in his brain. All was clear. The next day […]

  • Missionary to Africa Testifies of Freedom to Many

    One of those missionaries has four adult children who are also missionaries (and were also delivered that day!). Two more missionaries are going thru the VOSC right now and preparing for their prayer in August. And when I say missionaries, I mean people who are willing to go to the most isolated and/or oppressed areas. […]

  • Professional Counselor Integrates Deliverance in Practice

    Soon after my deliverance and diving into this prayer with my clients, I felt frustrated with the Lord for taking me on this path without equipping me with a better ability to hear from Him. Much like my young children, I can be impatient with my Father and whiney (when I don’t get my way, […]