Deliverance Testimonials

  • Marriage Healed!

    She shares her testimony elsewhere. During Juli’s deliverance prayer, I sat in to scribe. In the process of her deliverance, something was revealed that for over 22 years in our marriage had been a struggle. Issues of shame, control, fear, hate surfaced. These issues were found to be a ploy the enemy used for over […]

  • Teammate Speaks Out

    I then saw right before my eyes Jesus and the Holy Spirit judge the demons and within their judgment, watch the pain being given to them before they were sent out—it made me under my breath say “Yes!” We have a lot to be thankful for. Jesus is looking for a few determined men and […]

  • From Type B to Type A

    I still fight a lifetime of bad habits, and lack of social skills from avoiding people, but God is helping me catch up fast. I now believe that He has called me to an outreach ministry which seemed impossible before. I must stay in the battle though to continue to make progress. Much warfare, but […]

  • Dream Life Now a Reality

    The world has become more black and white. I am becoming more and more aware that there is no gray. People whom I thought were friends or at least acquaintances have become strangers. People who once talked to me no longer do. Some people who were strangers have become my friends. I have become very […]

  • New Eyes and Boldness

    I am so excited as I wait with expectation to see what God is going to do from day to day. I want to be used to help everyone and feel such a responsibility, but realize that it is God doing the work and I just walk in obedience each day to the leading of […]

  • Experienced Living God During Prayer Time

    I’m not quick to anger any longer. My son’s life has done a turnaround and we have a great relationship again. My prayer life has escalated tremendously and I continue to study the material you gave me after my deliverance. L.G., T151

  • Life Transformed

    I had suffered from depression all my life. It began when I had an experience with a demonic being as a small child. I used anger to mask and cope with the depression. Within a few days of the deliverance the depression and anger were gone. I had been so filled with fear and anxiety […]

  • Intercessor Gains Self-Esteem: Enemy’s Plans in Detail Exposed

    My whole life has been a continual battle with low self-esteem. It stemmed from sexual and verbal abuse as a child and the enemy speaking daily, without my knowing it, these self propagating curses: (I’m not as good as others; I’ll never go forward like I want to and I will always be hindered with […]

  • Now the Husband’s Story of Miracles

    In the past I was almost hit by a train, and another time driving my car on dry pavement and hitting ice and spinning 3 circles, I didn’t even roll. Still another time I almost got hit by a semi-truck (without the trailer). On July 4th of 1983 I almost drowned in Lake Okoboji- one […]

  • New Deliverance Minister Awed by God’s Power

    I had never seen such beauty until I saw a young woman who had been sexually abused healed before my eyes.  Talking to her after the ministry and watching her Alters get integrated was more beautiful than I can describe.Seeing a man set free from feeling and dressing like a woman, because his Alter knew […]