Deliverance Testimonials

  • Generational Bondages & Lies Disappear

    I couldn’t understand why. Eventually, God led me to the ministry of Ken Thornberg. By the power of the Holy Spirit, God mercifully, quietly and quickly delivered and healed me through Ken’s effective ministry. I now live in the freedom, health and victory for which our Lord Jesus Christ suffered, bled, died and rose from […]

  • Children Are Changed!

    My son… age 15 was 25th out of 26 in his class rank. You can believe I was putting much pressure in prayer over the years. He also had ADHD and scoliosis and misaligned teeth as well. This was because his jaw was also crooked from the scoliosis. I have been standing with him that […]

  • Pastor Confirms Ease of Deliverance Session

    The process was very respectful and gentle, yet powerful. And there were many things that were encouraging that were revealed through the process. Some of these things confirmed things I already knew and others were things that were new that I had not heard before (things in the storeroom), and about the call of God. […]

  • She Learned Her Authority in Christ and Wants to Encourage You to Get Prayer

    Basically, that has been my result. Living in a world of doubts and lies, I found it hard to hear His voice and know His call and direction. For years, I wandered, seemingly in circles. This deliverance cut the circle and set the path straight. It was the most unique experience I have ever had […]

  • Peace and Calm in Mind and Soul, Seeing God Reigning

    Before my deliverance, my mind did not know rest, and it did not know peace. Often times, it felt like thoughts were slamming around inside my head like dozens of racquetballs. It took all I had just to exist from moment to moment. I had to focus so hard on just the basics of functioning, […]

  • Goodbye Depression!

    Just like when I wasn’t a real Christian I wasn’t good enough. Fear controlled me. I’d been in a depression since I was a small child and was becoming suicidal. As a middle-aged adult I was suicidal and was admitted to the hospital. Eventually being released I began to see a counselor and take medication. […]

  • Pastor’s Wife Set Free, Able to Face Rejection

    The most noticeable is the fear and the feeling that I have done something wrong is totally gone. Being a pastor’s wife is not an easy thing. Wives tend to carry burdens and take on offenses directed at our spouses. We always hear “don’t take this personally” but how can we not. We take things […]

  • Couple Renders Praise For Deliverance Prayer

    It was a very pleasant, stress-free experience. Going back with Jesus was fun for me as He and I watched a football game together, I enjoy sports, and Judy was standing at the side of a courtroom watching the proceedings. Judy and I had encountered tremendous spiritual warfare prior to our deliverance prayer, so when […]

  • Pastor Obtains New Freedom

    I am not certain exactly what happened to me during the deliverance. All that I know is that I was very close to Jesus during that time and that my life hasn’t been quite the same since that time. I am thankful for the ministry of Ken and Sylvia. I have seen many others being […]

  • Smoking and Addictions Have Left

    I was also freed from all anger and resentment towards my husband and he noticed a very evident change. My mind is very quiet now and I am at total peace with God, my family, and myself. Glory be to God. J.M., New Brunswick, Canada, T134