Deliverance Testimonials

  • We’re a Miracle!

    If it hadn’t been for the revelation that the Lord has given you regarding the need to minister to Alters, we would definitely be another statistic of a failed marriage.  Instead, we have renewed our marriage vows before family and friends! Praise God for leading us your way!!!  We give Him all the glory and […]

  • Immediate Weight Loss!

    Karen is doing SOOOOOOOOOOOO WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL !!!! FREEEEE. She says her head is clear – she feels at peace – AND…..the greatest, most tangible fruit is….THE WEIGHT LOSS !!! She is AMAZED at the weight loss!! She kept saying how wonderful and free and clear she feels all over!!

  • Why Would Anyone NOT Do This?

    All in all, I consider it a positive, helpful encounter with the Lord. I noticed several outward physical manifestations that resulted from the ministry I received. I had a small lump under my right arm for years, and I noticed sometime after my Freedom Encounter that it had disappeared. The mole in front of my […]

  • Multiple Changes in Swiss Woman’s Life

    Before I felt no taste of living…I gained some appetite and I am more balanced–before it was either no appetite or eating too much! I feel much less guilt in my life, for before I felt guilty all the time…now I feel the right of living. In the inner healing process I have started to […]

  • Ukranians’ Ministry Restored and so much more

    Sometimes too loud, but it is good. Peace is huge! All my audio tapes–old preaching– are totally new! Like I never heard them before! Something has happened with my hearing for sure! I am sorry but I am still drunk (in the Spirit) and lost in Jesus! Now it is over a week already. I […]

  • Confirmation of Freedom for Person’s Sister

    Seems like the Lord is wanting our parents and siblings to get cleaned out! It’s been a little slow, but He is definitely moving. I’ve been in prayer and asking the Lord to bless so we could go full time in ministry but He’s the one that’s going to have to work it out. In […]

  • Spiritual Growth Comes!

    It comforts me to know that I can pray and ask God to place a hedge around my home, and a canapé (canopy) and place the blood of Jesus on the door posts to keep the evil out. B.G., New Brunswick, Canada T118

  • Generational Curses Gone

    Curses of death, suicide, murder, grief, lying, stealing, divorce, attempted abortions and many other things. I am now free of the grip that these things had on my life. To God be the Glory! W. K., New Brunswick, Canada, T128

  • God Intervened and My Deception is Gone

    I believe the Lord led me to this point in my walk. I gave up trying to put my understanding of God in a box, safe and sound, and started to realize the vastness of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. I went through a deliverance on June 1, 2002 and I am still […]

  • “Goodie Two Shoes” Finds She Needed Help and Got It!

    After attending his seminars in Europe, she and her friends did regular deliverances in Israel. I and my friends Ruth and Barbara, already had some piecemeal deliverances and didn’t think more was needed. Besides, the Thornberg’s California seminars often took place in Modesto. We live in Santa Barbara. Soon after being born again and speaking […]