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  • Vile Correctness

    Compromise.  Webster’s defines it as, “a settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions,” and “concession to something derogatory or prejudicial,” and “to make a shameful or disreputable concession.” Try to guess which definitions I’d like to address in this blog.  It’s a topic I have wanted to write on for […]

  • Don’t Let Fear Take You Out

    Many years ago a pastor of a church I attended shared a story in his sermon that I have never forgotten. The pastor (we will use the name David) was telling of a time when he was in seminary and visiting with his counselor (a well-known professor and author). David had come in to bare […]

  • Just Say Yes

    Some months back the Lord requested that I begin a blog for our webpage. I enjoy writing and He knows it. For fifteen years quite some time back, I wrote a monthly member Bulletin for the Better Business Bureau. I’ve written a bi-monthly column for The Miner’s News for over 30 years. However, it has […]

  • Ken Thornberg Featured on the Chosen Generation Radio Show

    Freedom Encounters Founder Ken Thornberg has been invited as a regular guest on the Chosen Generation Radio Show, hosted by Greg Young. This news blog post will be updated regularly with links to the latest broadcasts for your listening pleasure. Click on the buttons below to listen to the broadcasts:

  • Team Leader Testifies of Growth

    We’ve come out of the year, more in love with God and each other than we ever thought would be possible… also in a more unified, cohesive group than we thought we’d see….all good stuff!!! Each person there has been working hard, praying harder, and seeking to walk in all that God has for them […]

  • Free From Sexual Abuse

    My sister said she had never seen me better. Years of sexual abuse no longer have power over me. A.C., New Brunswick, Canada T129

  • Walls are Down

    My thinking is clearer. I’m experiencing new found ability and confidence, and “feelings of separation” that have plagued me all of my life have disappeared–the invisible walls are down. J.C.P., New Brunswick, Canada, T130

  • Support for Freedom Encounters Ministry

    God has given you two specific instructions on how to do the ministry and how to train for the ministry. Other people may think they know about it, but they do not. Do not let other people influence and try to override what The Father has told the two of you. He is the master […]

  • Englishman Encouraged by Ministry

    Whilst some of the concepts that you discuss on your tapes are “mind boggling” to me (in the sense of lots of information) I am confident that through practice it will become second nature to me. I admire your strength, determination and vision. I always admire people who just don’t talk about concepts and theories […]

  • True Identity Discovered

    I am His joint heir, His servant, and His soldier in His service. I report to him. Therefore, I know that I receive my “orders” from him to do His will and not mine. Most important, His name is to be used not for my glory or my needs per se, but only for His […]