About FE Ministry

Ken Thornberg was called by the Lord to minister deliverance in 1971. He established Freedom Encounters, Inc. (FE) as a 50l (c) (3) organization in 1991, and Sylvia joined him after their marriage in 1995. Together they share the mantle and responsibility for the ministry, and their vision is to fulfill the message written in Isaiah 61 and also spoken by Jesus in Luke 4:18-19.

Meet the Thornbergs

Teaching/training topics include:

Over the years, the Lord has developed a particular expertise in ministering to Satanic Ritual Abuse victims (SRA) as well as to those with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD or DID). Since Ken began in 1971, roughly 500 SRA and 2000 MPD/DID cases have been set free from the torment of severe and traumatic abuse by the awesome power of God. Several of our experienced team members have received additional training in order to minister to very severe cases of SRA and MPD/DID.

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The primary goals of the ministry are to:

  • Minister freedom and inner healing prayer to those suffering from demonic influence/control.
  • Teach and equip believers to employ the authority of Christ to overcome the power of darkness and to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Teach, train, equip, multiply, and send out others to minister Holy Spirit-inspired prayer that enables people to break free from demonic control and to fulfill the Lord’s call /purpose for their lives.

Today FE-trained team members minister within 14 nations of five continents. These teams function as respected partners and co-laborers with us to serve the people of God and to expand His Kingdom upon the earth.