Christian Personal Growth

Discovering the Enemy of Self

Formerly entitled “Christ and Codependent Relationships,” 6.5 hours (9 with translation) are spent studying the roles of fear, pride, and control in creating dysfunctional relationships with others, God, and the church. Requested minimum honorarium is $700 with a suggested registration fee of $40/person, $70/couple. This is guaranteed to be a surprise to most who attend, having ended up a favorite seminar for many because of how it applies to everyone, no matter what.

Sections include the following:

  • Core Symptoms of fearful, dysfunctional behavior – We cover seven major behaviors and the scripture which explains why we act and react the ways we do with one another.
  • Symptoms of fearful, dysfunctional behavior with God – Six erroneous views as to how we view our relationship with God.
  • How the church can be an “addiction” for the dysfunctional person–we discuss the signs of the addiction and how it is fed.
  • How Pastors are an Easy Mark – This will help both parishioners and pastors understand how they have been victims of traditions and teaching which have abused them and have left pastors with unneeded pressure to perform.

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 The Idolatry of Human Desire

This teaching is targeted for “anyone who breathes and loves Jesus!!”  The purpose of the seminar is to provide a wake-up call for the end-day Church by exposing the countless deceptive hindrances (and addictions) that distract us from developing an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus and from fulfilling His destiny for our lives.  We believe that every person who attends will be deeply touched by powerful and personal revelation of Holy Spirit.

The seminar is approximately 7 hours in length (9 with translation) and includes a time for personal communion and prayer at the end of the day.  Requested minimum honorarium is $700 with a suggested registration fee of $35/person, $60/couple.

There are three specific areas of teaching.   The first two sections explore the most effective demonic battlegrounds that quench the spirit and derail our time with, and hunger for, the Lord Jesus Christ. The final one focuses on several points, but primarily develops and reinforces a deeper revelation and understanding of our TRUE identity in Christ and the impact we can make for the Lord.

  1. Deceptive Focus and Activities.
    In this world of social networking, explosive information and multifaceted entertainment, our personal time, focus and energies have been redirected to occupy us with things that may seem interesting and fun, but are spiritually void.  This includes everything from Cell Phones to Shopping, Sports to Facebook, E-mail to Television, Video Games to Texting.  Gradually, over time these things can expand  to occupy a place of critical importance in our lives — even to the point of becoming idols.  This usually occurs behind a shrewd deception of the enemy, so that most people are unaware that it’s even happening!
  2. Sexual Preoccupation.
    Lust, pornography (men, women, singles, youth), masturbation and more will be discussed.  Because of the Internet, pornography and numerous other addictive interests have become easy to access.  Personal involvement can be carefully hidden from others — except the participant, the Lord, and the enemy!
  3. The Solution.
    This is NOT a shame-based seminar!  We will explore how the enemy has built lie-based thinking and emotional wounding in our lives to disqualify us and to quench and block our ability to form an intimate relationship with Jesus.  It is amazing how few Christians understand the power of KNOWING who we are in Christ and who HE is in us!!  Most people need help in learning how to tap into the power of God in order to walk away from personal areas of idolatry.

Admittedly, this may not be classified as a “fun” seminar to many and is not intended to simply tickle the ears of people.  However, those who “have ears to hear” will come to understand that the Lord desires to release sons and daughters in these last days, who will perform the “greater works” by the power of the Holy Spirit that Jesus described in John 14:12.  The distractions of this World System have lured our focus away from the Truth and permeated every aspect of our lives, leaving us without balance during this critical time.  If we take time for self examination, we will discover that other priorities have redirected us and Jesus is sitting in the back seat of our life’s vehicle.

Only the Holy Spirit can fully expose how we have been derailed from pursuing the destiny and Call of God in our lives.  This seminar is meant to provoke a response in attendees that will result in making positive life changes.