Qualification Criteria for Deliverance Team Members

The following are our qualification criteria for deliverance team members:

  1. Photo of a Freedom Encounters team meetingAgree that you are called by the Lord Jesus Christ to function in the deliverance ministry.
  2. In order to begin building a sure Biblical foundation and understanding, agree to complete the “Victory Over Spiritual Conflict” by attending a seminar in person, subscribing online or purchasing recorded media of the seminar.
  3. Agree to learn  the information contained in the “FAQs” and “Preparation Overview.”
  4. Agree to receive the FE deliverance prayer from a qualified team member of Freedom Encounters.
  5. Agree to:
    a)  complete a “Deliverance Procedures Seminar”  by attending an In person Seminar,  or a Facilitated Seminar using DVDs,  or  listening  to the current recorded media version on MP3 or DVD
    b)  listen to the MP3 DP Seminar teaching a 2nd time, and review the training DVDs of the ministry and aftercare twice.
  6. Agree to receive two coaching prayer sessions by an authorized Freedom Encounters Coach.
    NOTE: Note: Our trained coaches function with the Freedom Encounters ministry approach on a regular basis and have proven themselves to be experienced, skilled and trustworthy over an extended period of time. They have demonstrated a fear of God, a love for His people and have shown respect for the gift God has given over many years. Coaching: 1st = $75 fee and 2nd = $50.
  7. Agree to pray the FE prayer exactly as taught and written in the most current DP Prayer, without mixing and matching other ministry approaches during the actual deliverance prayer time.  Agree to have at least one intercessor praying as you minister deliverance for a person (does not need to be present at the deliverance).
  8. Agree to learn the “Aftercare Guide” and minister it within 3-10 days of the client’s prayer appointment.  Agree also to give the client a copy of the Guide, which has been prepared for their on-going guidance.
  9. Ensure that an effective care person or team is assigned to help after receiving deliverance.
  10. Agree to submit to the leadership guidance of the person or team that God has established for your location or region, and to provide feedback of new revelation or questions if/when encountered.
  11. Agree to keep current with new revelation as outlined in the Freedom Encounters Team letters.
  12. Agree that you will not pray for severe SRA cases without receiving further training.

READY TO JOIN THE TEAM? CLICK HERE to print the PDF signature form which includes the above list and the latest information on training costs and mail it to us.