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Ken & Sylvia at the riverFreedom Encounters is a Christ-centered, non-denominational ministry that was formally established in 1991 to serve the Body of Christ. The vision of the ministry is to fulfill the message written in Isaiah 61 that was also spoken by the Lord Jesus Christ in Luke 4:18-19.

As instruments of the Holy Spirit, we seek to teach and equip the Body of Christ to employ His authority in overcoming the kingdom of darkness and to walk forward in the purpose, power and character of Christ Jesus. With those goals in mind, we teach a number of different seminar topics that focus primarily upon "Deliverance and Inner Healing, along with others on Spiritual Warfare, Territorial Intercession, Christian Personal Growth, Marriage, and Business Ethics and Practices."

The Lord Jesus Christ has also called us to train, equip, multiply, and send out others to minister Holy Spirit-inspired deliverance and healing, so that believers can break free from demonic control and fulfill the Lord’s call and purpose for their lives.

Over the years, the Lord has continually directed and expanded our teaching and deliverance training focus to extend beyond the United States, to include several other countries.  Today, our trained Deliverance and Inner healing Teams minister on a regular basis to God’s people within 13 nations located throughout five continents.  These teams function as respected partners and co-laborers with Freedom Encounters as we seek to serve the people of God and to expand His Kingdom upon the earth.

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  • NEW!    
    We were invited to be the radio show guests of Alexandra Clair, who hosted us on The Unseen World Internet Radio Show, Christian Freedom Network on March 30th, from 6-8 PM Central Time.  Each of us shared for one hour, and we hope that you will enjoy listening to the program by accessing this URL link: Alexandra is the author of Woods End, a story of spiritual warfare and suspense that is being produced as a movie. (Purchase book at Amazon.com). 
  • NEW  SEMINARS:        "Stolen Treasures From the Garden"    (Teaching > Topics > Marriage)
  •                                     "The Idolatry of Human Desire"   (Teaching > Topics > Christian Growth)  
  • NEW  TEACHING:     "Introduction to Spiritual Warfare"   (Teaching > Topics > Spiritual Warfare)
  •                                     "Silence the Lies Choking Your Life"   (Teaching > Topics > Spiritual Warfare)
  • NEW   ARTICLES:     "Our Role in Revival Today"   (Teaching > Articles)
  •                                      "Alters"     (Teaching > Articles)

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